Lent Devotions 2021

In Lent we have a time to still our hearts and to be intentional about turning to Christ, whether we do it often or not. I worked on these daily devotions to help us focus our attention on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus through the Gospel of Mark. As such the aim is to read the whole of Mark during Lent. It is a Gospel that almost feels rushed in the way so much of Christ’s life is packed into so few chapters, but we’ll pace ourselves as we delve into the many significant interactions and conversations Jesus had with His disciples, His enemies and the people He ministered to.

There are 47 devotions (40 days of Lent - Monday to Saturday - plus the 7 Sundays of Lent). Each day’s devotion has a reading, a short reflection on the passage, a prayer and a quote to reinforce the take-home message.

Feel free to read through the chapters as outlined below, or just read the daily readings as suggested in the devotions.

  • Week 1: 17-21 February - Mark 1
  • Week 2: 22-28 February - Mark 2-3
  • Week 3: 1-7 March - Mark 4-6
  • Week 4: 8-14 March - Mark 7-9
  • Week 5: 15-21 March - Mark 10-12
  • Week 6: 22-28 March - Mark 13-14
  • Week 7: 29 March - 4 April (Holy Week) - Mark 15-16

You can subscribe to this blog and the devotions will be sent straight to your inbox every day. Alternatively you can use the link to view each day's devotion in your own time.

May this journey bring us to a place where we can get to know Jesus a bit better, be reminded of who He is and who we are in Him. May it bring us to a place where we can ask questions and find answers at the feet of Jesus. May it be to us a reminder that Christ is still sovereign and always will be. To the glory of God.


Photo by Annika Gordon on Unsplash


  1. Looking forward to reading and reflecting on these Lent devotions. Thankyou


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